Our custom birthday and celebration cakes are as unique as the people they celebrate.

There’s no idea too outlandish for our creative bakery team to tackle! (The bigger the challenge, the better we like it!)

What's the Occasion?

Birthday Cakes

It’s not really a birthday party unless there’s cake. Whether you’re in need of a smash cake or a cake for 250+ people, Amy Cakes is your bakery!

Graduation Cakes

Graduation cakes are a popular request at Amy Cakes. Whether you’re celebrating a nurse, dentist or high school senior, we’ll create exactly what you need!

Baby Shower Cakes

Amy Cakes has created some of the most beautiful, sweetest baby shower cakes for expectant mothers. Take a peek at some of our favorite designs!

Holiday Cakes

Celebrating special holidays will never grow old! Amy Cakes will create holiday desserts and cakes that leave family and friends with a sweet memory.

Celebration CAKE PRICING

Pricing varies based on the number of servings and cake design.

4” (Feeds 4-6)

Base Price - $25

6” (Feeds 10-12)

Base Price - $60

8” (Feeds 20-24)

Base Price - $120

Typical Two Tier Sizes
6"/8" (Feeds 30)

Base Price - $180

Larger Two Tier 6"/10"
(Feeds 50)

Base Price - $300

Have questions about your custom cake or order?
We’ve got answers.

All of our custom cakes are priced out on an individual basis, so we will work with you to figure out exactly what will work for your guest count and budget. Generally, the cost of a custom cake starts with the size, cake flavors, and design work. From there, labor hours are factored in as well.

Custom cake work takes time, and unfortunately there’s only so much of that to go around! We ask for a MINIMUM of 14 DAYS notice for custom cake work, depending on the level of customization you’re looking for. If we are already booked up for a weekend, we will let you know. We often can, and do,  accommodate last minute requests, but it cannot be guaranteed if you are not within the proper time frame, especially during wedding season.
Cake consultations and tastings are available for weddings only. We typically book cake tastings during scheduled virtual meetings that occur on Tuesdays.

Celebration Cake Quote

Around the bakery we make a lot of custom cakes to help you celebrate life’s biggest moments and we want your cake to be perfect. We can create a wide variety of sizes and styles for your event from themed birthday cakes to baby showers and more. Please fill out the form below completely and upload those celebration cake inspiration pics you’ve been saving.

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